About Us

Our mission is to be about our Father’s business; being good stewards of the grace, talent, ideas, people and financial resources He puts in our path, made possible only by following Jesus.

Hisplace productions is an LLC, owned and operated by Matt & Connie Cookman of Pendleton, Indiana, USA

Matt Cookman has over 20 years of software development experience, creating solutions to solve real world business problems across various industries including multimedia, manufacturing, publishing, marketing and more. The variety of industries, enviornments, and underlying architecture has provided Matt with a unique ability to bring the correct technology to bear at the correct time.
Specialties include

Connie Cookman designs & implements self-sustaining systems that leverage technology, people and process. She began her career in workforce management at Resort Condominiums International and then honed her skills as Director of Staffing & Scheduling at Charles Schwab & Co for 12 years. Connie is passionately in love with Jesus and Matt (in that order), proud of her children & grandchildren and a prayer intercessor.
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Our Story: God provided us for each other in Oct 2001, just one month after 9/11. Dazed and searching, Connie’s heart warmed when Matt said, “we just need to be right with whoever we need to be right with and go on living our lives”. This marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship with each other and THE ONE we need to be right with! “May the songs we sing bring joy to you!” - Need to Breathe